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Welcome to The Screenwriting Wiki

This is the wiki for screenwriters and all things screenwriting - writing techniques and tools, articles on the craft, the business of writing, the nuts and bolts of the industry, produced and soon to be produced screenplays, bios of great writers, and more. We are new and building, so please add a stub for your favorite screenwriting topic or post an entire article. The Screenwriting Wiki is for everyone.

This Wiki is not yet officially launched, but is still under initial construction. Everyone can contribute and anyone can edit

8 articles since July 4, 2008

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We need your help. Please contribute your knowledge to build a strong resource for screenwriters.

Style Guide

Stubs. A stub is a one or two paragraph summary of a topic. Stubs are just a place to start so you or others can build an article over time. Please feel free to add stubs for any topic you would like to see covered here.

Articles. These are more developed entries. You should strive to cite sources for all facts and conclusions included in an article.

Neutrality. Articles on this wiki are subject to neutrality standards. No one owns an article. If you spot a highly biased article, please feel free to edit.

See the wikipedia website for style reference.

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